The FRIO® is an evaporative cooler.  In order for it to perform properly, it needs to evaporate:

1.  Activate the inner pouch in water.  You will need to soak the wallet according to the instructions.  The gel formed should fill the panels but should not expand to the point where the panels become rigid.  The activated pouch should remain pliable.  Re-soak the inner pouch when the gel tubes are less “puffy”.

2.  For continuous safe storage, the FRIO® inner wallet should be re-immersed in water every 45 hours or sooner if the quantity of gel reduces and starts to return to its crystal form, i.e. crystals can be felt in the panels.  When in continuous use, succeeding immersion periods should be shorter (3-4 minutes) as the crystals are already in gel form.  Do not forget about your FRIO® while it is soaking in water as over soaking causes the wallet to become too swollen to be used.  Should this occur, the wallet must be allowed to dry naturally until it returns to usable size.

3.  FRIO®s need to breathe.  As they work by evaporation, they need to be in contact with the air.  Carrying in hand luggage or a pocket is satisfactory.  DO NOT CARRY OR STORE IN AN AIRTIGHT CONTAINER AFTER THE FRIO® IS ACTIVATED.