How a FRÍO Works

The FRIO Insulin Cooling Case is a reusable evaporative cooler whose cooling properties do not come from an icepack – or anything that needs refrigeration. Its cooling properties come from the evaporation of water. When activated, it keeps its low temperature for a minimum of two days, even in temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

With the FRIO, the person dependent on medication that must remain cool is not dependent on ice packs in any way or at any time..

For a FRIO to be activated, simply soak it in water for 5-10 minutes. It retains its cooling properties for a minimum of two full days. After that, re-soak your FRIO in water and it is good for another two days – and so on, and so on…

They are so easy to use!

To activate the FRIO® wallet, immerse it in cold water for 5-15 minutes. Soaking times vary, please refer to instruction leaflet. Crystals contained in the panels of the wallet then expand into a gel, which remains cool for up to several days — relying on the process of evaporation for cooling. Just towel dry the outside and it’s ready to go!  For continuous use put the FRIO® back in water for a maximum of 2 minutes.  It  can be reactivated over and over again.

FRIO® wallets keep insulin safe for a minimum of 45 hours (more than five times longer than an ice pack) — even in constant environmental temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit! The insulating qualities of the FRIO® also help protect against the cold of winter. Don’t just take our word for it — read our customer testimonials page!  Keep one at home and make FRIO® cooling packs part of your travel kit or emergency supply kit today — no more bulky, inconvenient ice packs or thermos flasks required ever again! You’ll wonder what you ever did without one.

Although activated by water, a feature of the product is that after towel-drying, the FRIO® wallet is dry to the touch. The Cambrelle® outer pouch wallet increases the wallet’s efficiency and allows it to be carried safely in your pocket or a bag as required. Each item is re-usable and can be used either continuously or intermittently.

  • Keeps insulin cool and safe
  • Refrigeration NOT needed – simply activates with cold water!
  • Great in HOT weather!!! FRIO® have been used in temperatures in excess of 120°F with complete success. Tests prove that FRIO® retain their contents at around 25°C (77-79°F) for a minimum of 45 hours per immersion period in a constant environmental temperature of 38°C (100°F).
  • FRIO®s have considerable insulation properties, helping to protect insulin from freezing at cold temperatures.
  • Reusable (a very green product), durable and long lasting
  • Perfect for travel – TSA friendly!
  • Perfect for power outages.
  • FRIO® give you convenience, freedom and, most importantly, peace of mind.

The FRIO® is designed to suit all types and makes of insulin pumps, insulin pens, insulin vials and standard refill cartridges. Just browse our catalog to choose the right one for you. Not sure which FRIO® you need? Just go to our contact page to make your inquiry.

The FRIO® can also be used for other medications — Byetta, Victoza, glaucoma eye drops, some growth hormones, MS medications, etc. Our information has been taken from various medical listings or various manufacturers. Please contact us directly to check the suitability for your requirement.

The FRIO® wallet and the crystals have been scrutinized by the FDA and their sale in the USA has been approved. Also, the FRIO® wallet has been extensively tested by the British Medical Devices Evaluation Unit. The crystals contained in the FRIO® wallet conform to the relevant British Safety Standards.

Medical Tests and Certifications:

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