FRIO Reseller Business Distribution Models

FRIO has three business models with which you can avail FRIO insulin cooling cases to your customers. Regardless of the model chosen, all three have the following in common:

  • Financial Risk – There is none! All three models are set up to be “no risk, much reward”. These programs are set up to make the decision to partner with FRIO an easy one.
  • Fulfillment – We carry a large inventory of all sizes and all colors so that we always have what you need available. Whether a large shipment to your warehouse or the drop ship of a single FRIO to one of your customers, we ship out the same day the order is received.
  • Customer Service – We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. We work to solve any issue that arises and can even speak directly with your customers, if requested.
  • Training – We give product training and product literature to all of your sales reps so that they are familiar with the features and benefits of the FRIO.
  • Marketing & Support – We offer you all of the product images and content needed to get FRIO up on your website. We can also custom-print our product brochure and design and print flyers for your company. You would just pay our cost of printing.

Traditional Inventory Model

FRIO offers wholesale discounts based on quantities purchased. We offer two tiers of wholesale discounts based on purchase volume.

FRIO charges no re-stocking fees for returned merchandise. This way, you can purchase inventory with the financial security that you can return any un-opened units for a full refund.

Drop Ship

If you prefer, you never need to carry inventory. FRIO can ship for you.

  • Your customer orders the FRIO from you and remits payment to you.
  • You e-mail your daily orders to us and we fulfill them on same day.
  • We send the FRIOs out to your customer with a packing slip customized for your company. From the customer’s point of view, it appears that the order was fulfilled by your company.
  • Your wholesale discount starts at 35% off MSRP, but increases if volume warrants.
  • We charge $4.55 per order shipping and $2.25 handling fee. This charge is the same, regardless of how many units are in the order.
  • We send you one monthly invoice, detailing all transactions for the month.


This business model is designed so that you don’t need to do anything but have a link on your website, or send out flyers to your customers – and collect a commission from FRIO.

In this model, you would be driving traffic to our site so that your customer can order the FRIO directly from us. You would offer your customer an exclusive discount code which, when input on our site, would give them a 10% discount. We would then remit a 10% commission to your company for all sales with your discount code.

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