A FRÍO® needs only water to activate, easy for when you’re on the move. Diabetes nurses and doctors advise keeping in-use insulin cool to maintain its effectiveness.

See what our customers have said about the FRÍO® and how it helps in every day situations and during travel.

How a FRÍO® works

FRIO large wallet saved my vacation…

“I just got back from vacation and wanted to let you know how the FRIO large wallet saved my vacation. We were staying in a hotel with a refrigerator, so I put the wallet with my insulin vials and pens for myself and my husband on the middle shelf of the refrigerator. We also put a bottle of water in there to cool. A fewhours later, my husband took the water bottle out and found it partially frozen. We grabbed the Frio wallet and it was frosty on the outside. Inside, my insulin was safe. It had not frozen. So thank you for an excellent product and for saving our vacation. We could have gotten replacements for our insulin but it would have been a major hassle as it was the weekend. I won’t travel without my frio wallet!”

– Marsha G., Connecticut

FRIO was a real life saver…

My family just went through Hurricane Katrina.  My 78 year old mother is a diabetic who uses insulin.  Fortunately, we had purchased a FRIO pouch at an earlier time.  I wanted you to know, it worked beautifully.  It kept her insulin cool and safe for over ten days until we could locate a generator to power a small refrigerator.  During this time, we had no access to ice so the FRIO was a real life saver.  Thanks for a terrific product.

– Hattiesburg, Mississippi
NZ, Chile, Singapore and Oz.. 6 month trip with a Frio
NZ, Chile, Singapore and Oz.. 6 month trip with a Frio
I took 3 XL Frio wallets with me hoping they would help keep a 6 month supply of insulin cool. I have to tell you that they exceeded my expectations in everyway. They never let me down once; from the cold of southern N.Z. and Chile, to the heat of Singapore and OZ they never failed me. I would love to recommend these wallets to everyone I know. If you are a diabetic going travelling then these are a must. The one tip I would give would be to buy some kind of strong, robust net/mesh bag to carry the wallets in because they work best when they are provided with maximum exposure to the air
– Mr Smith, UK
Himalayan Expedition, Tibet, New Zealand and Nepal
Himalayan Expedition, Tibet, New Zealand and Nepal
I thought I would write to you and give you some feedback about Frio Wallets. I wrote to you in 2006 when I was about to set out on my first Himalayan Expedition (reaching 5,300m). Your Frio products kept my insulin well and working, including one sub zero night when I forgot my insulin outside my tent! I have since climbed several times in Tibet, Nepal and New Zealand with confidence using your Frio Wallets. I have even summited the Nandi La in Tibet – a gruelling 16 hour, 34km trek reaching 6,100m altitude. Many thanks for your fine products!

– Sital Bassan, Australia

Three Month Europe Trip

I wanted to let you know that I used your large wallet to store 9 containers of insulin for a three months trip over all of Europe from Bremerhaven to the southern tip of Corsica. We traveled by motorcycle and sidecar and camped or stayed in hotels in every kind of temperature and humidity. I was not able to use a refrigerator. I hydrated the wallet every 2-3 days and kept it in the wind behind me as I drove the motorcycle everyday. I put it in the tent out of the sun and in hotel rooms left it on the counter in the bathrooms. Your wallet worked superbly. My insulin was in perfect condition. I am not over stating when I say I would stake my life on your product.

Note: it is strongly recommended that extended travel plans of more than 28 days be discussed with your diabetic nurse or GP as should the availability of a ‘fridge on your travels. Insulin must be at the manufacturer’s recommended temperature before being placed in the FRIO® wallet. Please check the manufacturer’s information leaflet for your specific medication.

– David H, Hawaii

Back From Iraq: A Soldier’s Story

Staff Sergeant Mark Thompson convinced the Army that having type 1 diabetes shouldn’t keep him from serving in Iraq. An exerpt from the cover story from Diabetes Forecast magazine:

Thompson wears an insulin pump, and his main challenge would be keeping the insulin at 86°F or less, all while on the go in a place where temperatures can soar well over 100°F. He discovered reusable Frio pouches, which are made of a special material that is activated when the pouches are immersed in water. They keep contents cool for well over a day in such temperatures. ……..Summer came, bringing a blast of unimaginable heat. ……Temperatures hit upwards of 130°F; even the rock candy Thompson’s mother had sent from home melted.

The desert air, especially if there was any wind, “felt like sticking your head in the oven while cooking the Thanksgiving turkey,” Thompson said.

But Thompson was holding his own, and so were his pouches. He never even needed the refrigerator. And by February of this year, Thompson had completed his tour of duty in Iraq.

Click Here to read the whole story.

– Staff Sergeant Mark Thompson
Brilliant Solution!
Brilliant Solution!
Thanks again for sending the eye drop wallet. It’s perfect for 3 eye drop bottles. Plus, there’s just enough room to include a small tube of neosporin ointment which I apply afterwards.

What I like is how using this case completely solves several issues with eye drops, including:

– Keeping them at a stable and cool temperature
– Ready for any adventure – motorcycling, backpacking, evening engagements, whatever
– Keeping all the meds in one place
– Small and portable – easily fits into my shoulder bag.
– Bright and easy to find – It’d be hard to lose them!

Anyway, the case is really a brilliant solution for glaucoma users …
– Doug G. – Mill Valley, California

What an amazing product!
What an amazing product!
I just had to share my excitement at finding and using a Frio insulin cooler! I ordered one to take on a recent trip to Europe.

Traveling with friends, we saw parts of Switzerland, Germany, and Italy…all by train or bus on a flexible schedule. Having traveled some before, I’d always been dependent on a heavy thermos type container and ice to keep my insulin cool. No more!!!

My Frio worked beautifully the entire time; I was thrilled at the freedom it gave me! I just ordered my brother one for his many fishing adventures, and I’m sure he’ll love it as much as I do. What an amazing product!
– Paula R. – Kerrville, Texas