• Extremely helpful in reducing swollen ankles. Easily adjustable via a velcro fastener. Comfortable at all times. They work in the same way as the FRIO® wallets do and keep your ankles cool for hours!
  • A band that can be worn around the head to keep the wearer cool in hot temperatures, reducing body temperature, whether taking part in sporting activities (non-water) or lying in the hot sun. The cooling bands work in the same way as the FRÍO® wallets. Easily adjustable with a tie fastening. Comfortable at all times.
  • Head Soother has been introduced to help reduce pain caused by headaches, migraines and tension.
  • FRIO® Drink Coolers are the ideal way to keep that essential liquid refreshment cool for sporting and leisure use. Look and keep cool while on the go, with our revolutionary and stylish drinks coolers. Our individual drinks coolers are available in a vibrant range of sporting colors and can even be emblazoned with the design and logo of your choice for large-scale corporate promotion! Dimensions: Approximately 5" x 3" (125mm x 76mm)

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