Snap-Together Pill Boxes

Snap-Together Pill Boxes

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BH-Pillbox-HC 2000
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Snap-Together Pill Boxes - Made in America

Each Home Care Pill Box consists of seven large, see-through, easy-open compartments with separate lids.

Each compartment lid is marked with a number (1 through 7) and a letter indicating the day of the week (SMTWTFS). Braille, indicating the same information, is also embossed on each cover lid.

Where multiple doses are required, Home Care Pill Boxes are easily snapped together to create a single unit capable of holding several different types of medications taken at different times during the day.

Each unit (strip) is available in an assortment of 4 colors of lids, (red, white, blue, and yellow) – choose your favorite!

You can snap units (strips) together to form a larger unit if multiple daily doses or weeks of medications are required. There are several ways to use this product, depending on individual needs:

-  If you need medications once a day, then only one unit is required. Four units can be snapped together for a 28-day supply of medication.
-  If you take medications twice a day, snap 2 different colored strips together. 
-  If you take medications three times a day, snap 3 different colored strips together - four times a day, four strips...

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