Glucose SOS – Kiwi-Strawberry x 6 Sachets


Advocate – Glucose SOS

Use Glucose SOS for Hypoglycemia Rescue

• Fast acting powder dissolves rapidly in mouth – recovery in minutes
• Great kiwi-strawberry taste
• Compact, portable, convenient pack – take anywhere anytime!
• American Diabetes Association recommended 15-gram serving
• Half the price, size, and weight of 15-gram glucose gels and liquids
• Replace carrying and chewing bulky ‘4 gram’ glucose tablets
• 6 x 15-gram sachets

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Glucose SOS Instant Blood Glucose Kiwi-Strawberry – Box of 6 packs

Introducing a new, fast-absorbing, glucose powder to increase blood sugar levels and prevent sugar spikes!

Glucose SOS is immediately absorbed to help a person with low blood glucose to quickly return to healthy blood glucose levels.

  • EASY TO TRANSPORT SLIMPACK, CONVENIENT TO USE, NO WATER OR PREP NEEDED – Glucose SOS dissolves instantly with no need for water or preparation and comes in easily transportable slim packs.
  • DELICIOUS TASTE, SWEET AND TANGY, MADE WITH NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS, FLAVORS, PRESERVATIVES OR ADDITIVES  – Glucose SOS is all natural so you know it’s healthy and safe, and delicious – easy to take.
  • OPTIMIZES CREATINE ABSORPTION, EXCELLENT ENERGY SOURCE, HELPS BUILD LEAN MUSCLE in addition to providing an instant boost of energy, Glucose SOS helps the body absorb creatine to build muscle.
  • SUPPORTS WEIGHT MANAGEMENT GOALS, BOOSTS COGNITION TO HELP YOU REACH YOUR EXERCISE GOALS Glucose SOS can help you maintain a healthy weight and provide you with both the physical and mental energy needed to get through those tough workouts.

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