About Us

ReadyCare, LLC is the U.S. Master Distributor of FRIO® cooling products. We stock authentic FRIO® products and take great pride in providing our wholesale and retail customers the best value and the highest level of customer service.

Our company President is a Registered Nurse. Our Chief Operations Officer is insulin-dependent and has enjoyed the freedom given by a FRIO® for nearly two decades. We are able to assist you with all of your insulin carrying needs! We are committed to promoting health and wellness, safety and preparedness for insulin-dependent people with Diabetes and others that need to keep their medication cool. Always insist on an authentic FRIO® product — accept no imitations.

In good health,

Lisa Katzki

Email: info@FRIOCase.com
Phone: (925) 937-5288
Toll Free: (888) 909-PREP
Fax: (925) 465-4744
Walnut Creek, CA